Satiate your wanderlust!

Who We Are?

We do this for the love of the road.
The open unending road. The road that leads to a wider horizon. To adventure, exploration and discovery. And we don’t mean just geographically.
Driving to new places is a passion that all of us in the team share. XSO was created to give others like us a chance to experience the bliss we’ve found. With more than a decade of overland driving expedition experience coupled with over two decades of motorsport management exposure, everything we do is with unparalleled detailing, safety and passion.
From the epic drive of Malaysia’s Petronas Adventure Team to India in 2007, the unending convoy drive from Singapore to Delhi through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, to many of Mahindra’s iconic ‘Escape’ drives, XSO has charted new adventure driving territory in India, as well as Nepal and Bhutan, like no one has.
And it’s not just where we’ve gone that’s important. It’s how we’ve gone there too. Think exhaustive recces. Think over a couple of dozen vehicles in the convoy. Think adapting to emergency situations like landslides and roadblocks (and no turning back), and handling mechanical breakdowns in the dark at 16,000 ft plus or on the scorching sand dunes of the Thar desert.
We do it because the road never ends. And it’s calling us with the promise of a new experience, just beyond that next turn.

Get in, and let’s roll!